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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software +44 752 398 1563  Used as an speech to text software, With the help of Dragon any user can write any document, or an email and use it with any applications like Office, Notepad or on any Web browser. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very usefull product for all commercial users like in law firm or other for a doctor or for a author or for a student. 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is also known as dragon dictation software // nuance speech recognition software. dragon naturallySpeaking software recognition was invented 20 yr ago for people who have difficulties in writings.But because the speech recognition technology has revolutionized the globe and currently utilized by several industries like electronics, Mechanical, Automation, computing etc. Dragon dictation software system is use numerous fields like Medical, Law, Education etc.

Some Important Information About Dragon NaturallySpeaking 

  • Dragon dictation software used by automation industry for card making.
  • Nuance dragon software is used by educational and healthcare industry as well.
  • Dragon dictation software puts quality work and it has high accuracy while using your voice to speech to text feature.
  • Nuance dragon software works on most of platform like Microsoft outlook, google chrome, emails, apps, android, iOS and many more. Its compatible windows 10 and windows 7 operating system.
  • nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software is inbuilt with powerful AI (artificial intelligence). 
  • Dragon software with good microphone with clear voice produces best results. Its efficiency is 99.67% which means software will hear you even when you whisper. 
  • Nuance dragon dictate for mac is no more available online and offline Dragon is no more compatible with mac computer having Mojave and above latest version of operating system.
  • For best voice dictation result user need better microphone.  

Install dragon dictation software on your device. Latest dragon dictation software gives you more features. Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional for individuals is latest software from nuance dragon.

If you want to convert any files to PDF then use nuance also have software call Nuance PDF converter. converting is easy.

Nuance Dragon also have a software for medical practitioner which is known as Dragon medical Practise edition, the latest version is dragon medical practise edition 4, this software comes with cloud based as well as desktop version. User can use any one.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software makes life very easy when it comes to transcription audio to text feature. Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcription is used to increase productiveness. it converts all your audio files to text .

How many computers or PC can I use Nuance Dragon on?

Nuance Dragon gives user and opportunity to use only one license for one user, which means user can install nuance dragon software on multiple pc or computer but under one user, if you use dragon software on multiple computers, it can create problems, so in order to use on multiple computers you need to create different user profile which is only possible in nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking 15 Professional individuals.

Do Nuance Dragon offer trial version for users?

 Nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking does not offer any trial version. However, Only Dragon Anywhere is only dragon software available for 1-week trial on iOS and Android, In order to Download Trail version of Dragon Anywhere requires credit card which you can cancel anytime and after trail of 1 week monthly charges are $15/month. 

System Requirement for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software (Windows)

RAM: Minimum 4GB

CPU: Intel double centre or identical AMD processor. Quicker processors yield speedier execution.

Free hard disk space: 8GB

Bolstered working frameworks: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32-and 64-bit); Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2

Internet Explorer 11 or higher or the present rendition of Chrome for Online Help

A sound card supporting 16-bit recording


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